I am an oracle.  You ask me questions. I go to sleep, then tell you what I dream. We use the dream language and symbols to address your questions in a collaboration I call the Woke Up Knowing Experienceâ„¢ or WUKE.

I believe:

  • What we need to know may not be gleaned by the waking, edited mind, so I work in the unedited scene of sleep, dreams and symbols. 
  • Finding the real question is more important than the "right" answer. 

Here's an interview that sheds some light on my work, and a transcript, should you prefer to read it. I live and work mostly from Los Angeles, California, specifically on land colonized from the Kizh and Gabrieliño people, who were here first. I travel with glee to serve upliftment and resistance around the world.

Work with me now:

I work at the extremes.  I can help in either a short, intense burst, or by immersion. Choose the method that suits you:

  • 24-minute call: $100 (pay, then schedule yourself here), or a
  • 24-hour Woke Up Knowing Experience: $1500 (be sure to add your phone number + e-mail address to the notes field before paying).
  • 24-minute sessions are 24 minutes, and may be extended by mutual agreement on the call. Any portion of a 24-minute unit is $100.
  • I begin my work for you at the moment you pay, therefore the fees are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Thank you for honoring my work with your commitment.
  • If you wish to record your own session, you may do so. 
  • Join me in person at an upcoming Oracle-In-Residence appearance. Or hire me to do an event for you. Call or email me to make arrangements at +1 310 663 6630.
  • I enjoy being a guest on stages, podcasts, programs, or in public art projects. Call or email to invite me.