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Here's where you can read about what folks felt before during and after their work with me. I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to leave a compliment of your own or send questions using the form at the bottom of the page.

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"Woke Up Knowing™ is a cosmic experience that lets you walk away with something very intellectual, tangible, and easy to put into practice. Dyana raises the bar for what is possible."


"I am NOT, shall we say, a 'morning person.' But when Dyana told me about The Woke Up Knowing™ experience, I didn't have to second-guess for a nano-second. SIGN. ME. UP.

She explained that she would hold my question in her mind as she fell asleep, and that she would call me sometime between midnight and 9am, to wake me up and open a space for ... anything.

When the phone rang, I was disoriented, delighted, terrified ... I had no idea what was about to be delivered to me, and that was 85% of the exhilaration.

Dyana volleyed into a vivid dream, with such magnificent detail, emotive color, and rolling, rowdy twists & turns. I was struck by her ability to recall dream-details so clearly ... but what I didn't expect was how relevant + personal her dream felt, to me.

An hour flew by, and felt like just a few minutes. It's difficult to articulate what it feels like to have an intimate, semi-unconscious, explorative conversation with a master listener-speaker-coach, but it's fucking magic.

It's been a week or so since my Woke Up Knowing Experience™, and I'm still kinda rattled -- in the most gorgeous possible way.

If you're on the precipice of Something Big, transforming, transmuting, trans-anything ... or just need to be Witnessed, by a witchy woman who knows wazzup, you need to get woken up by Dyana Valentine."

-- Alexandra Franzen | Promotional Wordsmith & Pro-active Pimp


"I felt profoundly seen and heard during my Woke Up Knowing TM Experience. Sitting with Dyana in the wee hours of the night talking about the Truth crystallized and refined the way I prioritize my entire life. And in a way I can't quite name but I know very deeply, it healed a part of me that had been quietly ailing for a long, long time. Dyana is the antenna for the cosmic information that is available on you."

-- Kate Northrup | Creative Expansion Optimist




"It was interesting to have someone who didn’t know me to immediately understand what made me tick. My Woke Up Knowing™ experience made me think about my life in a completely different way. Dyana is able to think deeply about a person, to intuitively understand what is lacking inside, and to pinpoint the exact area where growth can take place. Dyana helped me focus on the things in my business that bring in revenue, and since my immersion experience, I’ve noticed that people have been more attracted to me and my business."

-- Mike Watts | Empire Builder