Here are a few collaboration and decision-making games I made. Thank you for using them to make the world a better place.


Give+Go Seek

Give + Go Seek is a resource sharing/networking game to try at your staff meeting, community gathering, or conference. Distribute this handout to your gathering. Then everyone puts something they can offer on the left side (can be support, technical expertise or resources, for example), and what they need help or support on to the right side. Then everyone puts the best way to contact themselves on the bottom, and they can be posted on a wall for the duration of your event or gathering. It's a great way to create a community asset map and connect everyone together. Give + Go Seek is always FREE for everyone.



I want you to feel a rush when you tell someone what you do, so you can land the gig, get the girl/boy/ze, and open doors for your next adventure.


PPP is free for WUKE clients $0:


The SuperConditions™ Game is more than a decision-making tool. Use it to leverage your way of being you, so you can be more clearly understood by the world, circumvent regret and the need for backpedaling on decisions. 

Free for Woke Up Knowing™ clients $0:



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