Alt-Text: right profile of Dyana looking up and smiling

Alt-Text: right profile of Dyana looking up and smiling

I am an oracle.  

You ask me questions. I go to sleep, then tell you what I dream. We use the dream language and symbols to address your questions in a collaboration I call the Woke Up Knowing Experienceâ„¢ or WUKE.

I believe:

  • What we need to know may not be gleaned by the waking, edited mind, so I work in the unedited scene of sleep, dreams and symbols.

  • Finding the real question is more important than the "right" answer.

  • People doing avant garde + liberation work often need very high level support that goes beyond the scope of other business-help professions.

Here's one interview that sheds some light on my work and how it came to be, and a transcript of the same. If you'd like a deep dive into current dream themes and how to get deep into the REAL question, listen to this podcast. I live and work from Los Angeles, California, on land colonized from the Kizh and Gabrieliño people, who were here first. I travel to serve upliftment, resistance, and causes valuing discernment around the world. Learn more. Or, scroll down to get to work right now.

Work with me now:

Your choices are:

  • Join at your favorite level and become a supporter on Patreon. $3+ per month.

  • 24-minute phone call: $100 (pay, then schedule yourself here). 24-minute sessions are 24 minutes, and may be extended during your call. Any portion of a 24-minute unit is $100, and can be paid after your session using the same payment link.

  • 24-hour Woke Up Knowing Experience: $1,500 (by phone). I'll reach out to schedule after you have paid.

  • Group Oracle Sessions vary in scope and availability. Click through to join an upcoming experience.

  • I am very rarely available for meeting facilitations and business development sessions, including curriculum development. Call me at the number at the bottom of this page if you have been personally referred by a client of mine.

  • Oracle-In-Residence (work over multiple days, for individuals and groups) are $3,000 per 24-hour period, plus first/business travel and all expenses. Let's talk to make a plan.

  • I begin my work for you at the moment you pay, therefore the fees are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Thank you for honoring my work with your commitment.

I enjoy being a guest on stages, podcasts, programs, or in public art projects. Please ring +1 310 663 6630 or email to invite me.