Ask An Oracle

Welcome. I am happy to host you all on this call until all callers have asked their question (the last call went 2.5 hours--so leave time in your calendar to experience the full glory). Show up with a question you have about your life, work or relationships. This is for people who are ready to be seen by an oracle, and who are also willing to speak their questions aloud in a group of people. If you are looking for more intimate or one-on-one support, you may wish to choose another option.

Pre-call preparation: Scroll down and check out the section of notes I compiled for this call.


If you can't make the call LIVE

Please include your one to two sentence question in the Paypal memo field. If you are registering within an hour of the call start time, I will not see your question via email, so please dial in or log in and post your question to the chat section of the call.

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Please NOTE: This call is free for any February 2019 Compassion Camper, please register and put CCGift in your memo field and I will refund your fee.

February 20, 2019, 12:00pm US/Pacific (GMT-0700), find your time zone here

Dial-in Number (US): (712) 775-7270

Access Code: 394157

International Dial-in Numbers: https://fccdl.in/i/info0242

Join the Online Meeting:  https://join.freeconferencecall.com/info0242

I won't be available to offer technical support or answer emails/texts/social media messages during the call. For 24/7 Customer Care, call (844) 844-1322

Fee: $25

This call is free for any February 2019 Compassion Camper, please register and put CCGift in your memo field and I will refund your fee.

Thank you for trusting me with your question and your business.

Past call recordings for your downloading pleasure

Downloads of the calls will be available for two weeks after each call session, and will be posted right here.


Notes for Ask An Oracle call 

Boundaries and permissions 

By being on this call and voicing your questions or by registering and emailing your questions, you are agreeing to be recorded and for that recording and your questions to be published, excerpted, written about or rebroadcast for whatever purpose I choose. 

I will stay until everyone who wants to ask their single (1-2 sentence) question has a chance to do so, or until I have reached my working capacity. 

If I come to you, or call on you, and you say no, thank you, I'm just here to listen, that's your one turn for the live call. I encourage you to say yes:) 

I'm fairly abrupt when working deeply and for a group of people. Please note, my manner may read as impatient or assertive. Try not to take it personally, sometimes in order to deliver the work that is coming through, I need to just say what is, without trying to make it pretty or easy to hear. That said, if you don't understand what I'm saying, take it upon yourself to ask for clarification.

If you aren't on the live call, but submitted a question when you paid: 

I will address your question directly in the recording. Because I'm working intensely on the call, I am not able to record minute markers or let you know when "your" work starts on the recording. Listen to the full recording. You'll find connections to your question even through my work with other participants. Take special note of prompts I give you when addressing your question to "work" your own question. 

You’re always welcome to sign up for an individual session with me or come to the next Ask An Oracle call to follow up on your work. You may write a short follow up email (shoot for a paragraph in length) if you have questions after listening to the recording.

Types of questions.

  • WRONG: (used to silence or punish yourself; makes you feel bad or "wrong" simply in the asking)

  • RIGHT: socially acceptable question, makes someone else satisfied that you're asking, canned or generated by social norms to help ya feel like we are fitting in or on the "right quest"; and

  • REAL questions, which get to the heart of the matter, and in the pursuit of the REAL ?, you help yourself answer other questions.

I find spending a lot of time on WRONG or RIGHT category questions to be a poor investment.

Yes, you may ask me questions about me or my work, but I may refer you to my site if I feel a question is better answered there. My goal for this call is to make as much time as possible for live work on your questions.

I MAY NOT ANSWER or address a question if it is:

  • Outside my scope of practice (and could be better addressed by a professional in another field).

  • The WRONG or RIGHT style of question (discussed above).

  • A question that doesn’t read (to me) as “the thing itself,” or doesn't really drive a deeper inquiry. For example--one that doesn't really matter to you, but you use to test me, or the process of working with me. Or one that is superficial (usually these fall into the RIGHT category of question).

  • Is a predictive or "tell me what will happen in the future" kind of question.

  • The question is indirect. For example, if I get the sense, energetically, that you're not truly available to work on the question, or the question is really about someone else and not you.


Sample Ask An Oracle Questions:

Is there a touchstone or wisdom that I can turn to when I self-sabotage?

What do I need to know now - before I take the next career step?

Is the heaviness (around a specific decision) a sign of resistance and this IS my next step or is the heaviness trying to tell me you’ve lost your mind, GTFO? 

How can I connect to my spiritual self?

What is my "hidden clutter" and disorganization trying to tell me?

I'm curious about why I'm so confused on taking the next step. What do you see?

What do I need to know about the upcoming pitch meeting?

What do I have to sacrifice to become who I know I'm meant to be?

As you can see, questions are really personal and up to you. I find that reviewing the Wrong/Right/Real question ideas above and letting yourself think about your question is really helpful. If you are on the live call, I can also help you get to your REAL question quite quickly.

What's next?

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