Si'ahl (Seattle) downtown skyline in background, wake from ferry in foreground, daytime.

Si'ahl (Seattle) downtown skyline in background, wake from ferry in foreground, daytime.

Si'ahl (colonized as Seattle), WA
March 17, 2019
Oracle Talk

Hey, friends! Did you miss me?

I’ll be dreaming from the time of the first registration up to event time. The earlier you sign up, the more I can tune in to you before the event.

This gathering takes place on colonized lands of the Duwamish people, who were there first, and still are now.

Oracle Talk: $50

Group gathering, 3 hours + 1 hour breaks+snacks
930am-130pm, Sunday March 17, 2019. With at least one break, and some lovely social time (with snacks) after the talk to integrate before you go back out into the city. Plan your arrival time to be 9:15am, please.

I share how the work came about, the dreams that transmitted for this particular event, then I work with participants’ questions. Ideally, there will be active group participation, however, you could hypothetically come and just listen or say "pass" if I invite you to work and you don't want to do so in the moment.

Individual Sessions: $150

Sunday, March 17, 2019, 230pm-630pm.
Time varies slightly from person-to-person. Plan for 30-45 minutes. I am also happy to work with two or more people together in a single session.

I will work in depth in 1-1 sessions with a small number of people. You may request your private session and pay on the day of the oracle talk. You must attend the talk to be eligible for a 1-1, unless we have worked together before. If you are a current or former collaborator, e-mail me and we'll schedule your session.

More Information:

New to my work and want to know more? Listen to an interview, read a few client stories, or check out my Q+A section. Or, sign up now, then read the How To Prepare page. My work begins at the moment of registration, therefore there are no refunds, transfers or cancellations. Thank you for honoring my work with your commitment.

I have a sliding scale for social justice champions, marginalized humans, and am also happy to gift my work to folks who are in need of supportreach out to me directly, and we will make a plan.

Thanks to Rachel and the Souldust team for hosting:
900 First Avenue South, Suite 302
Seattle, WA 98134  USA