oracle in residence

Please join me as I dream around the world. 

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Los Angeles, February 24, 2018, 1-5pm, dinner to follow

Join me at my home for an oracle session, with dinner to follow. 

I will dream for you in the time between your registration and when we meet. After you have paid, I will reach out to you to hear the question, quandary or query you'd like me to carry into this piece of work.

N.B. the theme for this oracle session has already presented. It will concern the fecundity of deceit. Here is a selection of past participants' experiences, for your reference.

When you arrive, I will share the dreams I had for you and the group. We will discuss your messages at that time.

This group is limited to 4 participants. The fee is $250 per person. My work begins at the moment of registration, therefore there are no refunds, transfers or cancellations. Thank you for honoring my work with your commitment.

I am opening up two participant spots to join us via Skype for this session. Include a note with your payment to let me know you've chosen this option.

After our oracle session, we will have a meal together. We may be joined by people who did not attend the session.


East Coast

I am in the planning stage of a two-day event on the East Coast (US). The working idea is as follows. 

The first evening, I will hold an oracle talk (~$100) for 20 or so participants, and conduct live-action work with questions in the room. This talk will include my dreams from the night or two prior to the talk, and require low to medium group participation (so, for my curious folks, you could hypothetically come and just listen or say "pass" if I invited you to work and you weren't game in the moment).

In the early morning of the second day, I will host an oracle session with 4-6 people (~$500) with high participation, in an intimate setting, and including a meal. I will have dreamt into this session from the time participants register. 

If you are interested in one or both of these experiences, send me a message. I'll let you know when they are open for registration.


Are you organizing:

  • a gathering of lovely humans in a beautiful place, and would like an oracle in residence to support your group;

  • a mastermind retreat and want to amplify your members' decision-making process; or

  • multi-day creative immersion where I could be of service as around-the-clock muse and existential sounding board?

Magnificent! Let's discuss. Call me on +1 310 663 6630

Do you run a health institute, retreat, or spiritual center? 

I will dream for all visitors, faculty, and staff who are on site at the time of my residency. Invite me.


prior oracle SESSIONS


LOS ANGELES, CA: December 30-31, 2017

Our themes were Creative Vigor, Sabotage, and Dissecting Lies. We also celebrated by staying for a few more hours, sharing a meal, and welcoming a few other guests after this session. I believe this initiated a new tradition for the oracle sessions, as I will definitely be cooking for participants again. 


toronto, on, canada: NOvember 25&26, 2017

Our themes centered around hypocrisy, secrecy, worth, and the depth of identity. We also worked on what happens when your role shifts, and how to design a quest for trustworthiness.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.45.00 AM.png

molokai, Hawai'i: October 26-30, 2017

Hoʻōla Hou Global Leaders Retreat

It was a deep honor to be oracle in residence for this very intimate four-day retreat on sacred land. Our themes ran from sense of place, deep knowing, natural wisdom, and many layers of allowing What Is.


Los angeles, ca: september 23&24, 2017

This four-hour oracle session was amazing, deep and had a surprise connection among attendees who had gone to middle school together. We talked about legacy, power, collaboration, and the difference between service and obligation.


detail of a Life Pressing by Flutter Lyon

detail of a Life Pressing by Flutter Lyon

sydney, NSW, Australia: August 19&20, 2017

I worked in Ashfield, in Sydney Australia's Inner West with artists who took a look at visibility, constructive agitation, and the opportunity for more love and less co-dependency.