oracle in residence

Please join me as I dream around the world. 


new year oracle session
LOS ANGELES, CA: December 30-31, 2017, 1-5PM

Location provided upon registration.
No fragrances, please. No animals live here. Parking passes will be provided in a confirmation e-mail.

For this four-hour group oracle session, you will ask your questions the week prior to the session, then I will share dreams and address individual questions on Saturday face-to-face to a group of 4 people, maximum.

There will also be a party afterwards, with my family's traditional New Years Eve foods and music and very excellent humans. Note: this will shift from a 5-person oracle session to an 8-10 person dinner. The party is optional, but my guess is, you'll want to stay:)

There will be a small number of follow up sessions available on Sunday for participants who would like to receive additional messages in a one-on-one basis. These sessions will only be available to those who attend the Saturday session, or who have worked with me before. The fee for the follow up sessions, which is not included in the Saturday experience price, is also USD 250, and uses the same link as the group session below.

Oracle sessions: USD 250. I begin my work for you at the moment you pay, therefore the fees are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Thank you for honoring my work with your commitment.


Are you organizing:

  • team development

  • mastermind groups, or

  • writing retreats?

Do you run a health or spiritual retreat center? 

I will dream for all visitors on site at the time of my residency. Invite me.



toronto, on, canada: NOvember 25&26, 2017, 1-5pm

Our themes centered around hypocrisy, secrecy, worth, and the depth of identity and role shifting and how to format a quest to find trustworthiness.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.45.00 AM.png

molokai, Hawai'i: October 26-30, 2017

Hoʻōla Hou Global Leaders Retreat

It was a deep honor to be oracle in residence for this very intimate four-day retreat on sacred land. Our themes ran from sense of place, deep knowing, natural wisdom, and many layers of allowing what is.


Los angeles, ca: september 23&24, 2017, 1-5pm

This four-hour oracle session was amazing, deep and had a surprise connection among attendees who had gone to middle school together. We talked about legacy, power, collaboration, and the difference between service and obligation.


detail of a Life Pressing by Flutter Lyon

detail of a Life Pressing by Flutter Lyon

sydney, NSW, Australia: August 19&20, 2017 1-5pm

I worked in Ashfield, in Sydney Australia's Inner West with artists who took a look at visibility, constructive agitation, and the opportunity for more love and less co-dependency.