I don't have an email list, I have a text list. Here are a few reasons why:

  • I unsubscribed from all email lists myself. I found still having one myself to be hypocritical.
  • Connecting with who you are and what you're really about matters to me, and I wasn't getting that kind of connection from an email list.
  • My work and my life is about more than dream sessions and transactional services. I am interested in building a community of practice. I am interested in real talk and real action. 
  • This is a direct and humane way that I can support you, and that you can support me.

Here is what I want from you:

  • Add a photo of yourself to your profile by downloading the Remind app to your phone or try using the Remind website.
  • Respond, in some way, to at least one for every four texts I send out.
  • Know that if I drop you from the list, you can add yourself back on when you're ready to engage.

SO YOU KNOW: when you respond to a prompt or message I send out, you are only responding to me, privately. Others cannot see your response unless you go to the app or the website and message others on the list directly. (Thanks, MF, for pointing out that people wanted to know this--I think it will help a lot of participants).

ALSO: if a text list is not your thing, then consider becoming a patron over here. It's a great way to enjoy my work at a low commitment, and still be able to reach me directly, if you want to!


OKAY! Yay. 

My friend, Satya (check out his work here) asked me, "Why would you want a bunch of people texting you?!!!" And what he really wanted to ask me is how I protect myself energetically if I open myself up to more human contact.

  • I don't have a plan for what I'll say or text, and I don't want my life as a working cosmic artist to be all about sales and transactional communications.
  • I want to collaborate with artists and other practitioners, share my dreams, take a stand for human rights and against white supremacy, and ask questions that I want to ask, not just what fits into directing people to buy my work.
  • I would love it if this list could be a place for us to share our ideas with each other. 
  • I will keep the boundaries that I need to keep to ensure I can be whole and resilient. For example, if  someone asks a question or initiates a conversation better suited for a paid work session, I'll say so. 

Helpful? I hope so. Thanks for being around. I am glad you're on the planet.