If You

Celebrate life, and appreciate art.
Usually find yourself an outlier or innovator in your community.
Stretch yourself and seek out new ideas.
Struggle orienting yourself to being of deeper service on the planet.
Are ready to tune in to what is “possible” for you and open to non-traditional methods to get there.

And I

Have access to streams of information that you may not be aware of.
Do not hold back.
Can parse large amounts of information and get to the core challenge quickly.
Travel, and write, and test the limits of this work, continuously.
Will always give you all I’ve got.

&We Agree

It's not about perfecting one decision, but curating your discernment practice.
We need to mobilize our spirit to make change on the planet.
Some of the best adventures come without a fixed map.
What you need to know may not be gleaned by the waking, edited mind.
Finding the real question is more important than the “right” answer.

Then, Let's Work.

I work at the extremes. I can help you in a short, intense burst, or by immersion. Choose what suits your needs.

24-minute call: $100 (pay, then schedule yourself here); or a 24-hour Woke Up Knowing Experience: $1500 (pay, then I’ll reach out).

If you'd like me to be your Oracle-In-Residence and dream on site at your home, retreat or event, or to Interview me or have me appear at your event as an oracular speaker; then call +1 310 663 6630 to invite me.

Not Ready, Yet?

If you're not quite ready to shift your struggles into strengths, then check out my answers to the questions most people have about my work: