I’m Dyana, and I’m an oracle. I started doing Woke Up Knowing™ experiences in 2011 when I had a waking vision of being in a bed in an ancient castle with people sitting around my bed waiting to hear a dream I had. Years later, I have dreamt in several countries, in languages I didn’t speak, for seekers, artists, scientists, and humanitarians.

I practice an unsupervised oracular tradition that has no formal training. Currently, I have few peers. I believe these things are changing as more of us step out of the quiet and into the light.

This is my service. This is my art. This is Woke Up Knowing™.

I use she/her/hers pronouns and work on colonized land of the Kizh and Gabrieliño people.

interviews with:

Omkari Williams on Stepping Into Truth: Conversations about Race, Gender and Social Justice. (transcript in progress)

Thais Sky Guimaraes on Reclaim where I talked about what happened when I learned to pray, learning I was Blackfoot, what “otherness” has meant to me, and how to find you real question. We also had a deep dive into permission to BE, and friendship systems. Thaís said we spoke, “…on an exquisite adventure into the realms of where social justice and spirituality meet. Together we talk about relationships and communal relating, getting our needs met and taking up space.” Here’s a transcript.

Nicole Antoinette from Real Talk on the sometimes gory underbelly of doing a fringe-dwelling business, a great and thorough process of getting past the Right/Wrong questions and into the REAL, and my own(sometimes messy) relationship with money,

Tara McMullin on What Works about how my business started, money, how I tested and developed my practice. Transcript.

Heidi Rose Robbins on spirituality and my work, membership+belonging, my astrology, and I even read two poems in this interview!

Julie Parker on The Priestess Podcast, where I do a live piece of work with Julie, and talk about opening up to our work.

Mara Glatzel on Needy. We talked Money, Sex and Dismantling White Supremacy At HOME.

Esmé Weijun Wang on The Unexpected Shape blog. This one is older, and about my work with my decision-making model, SuperConditions™.

I’d love to know what you thought after you listen/read to these pieces. Take good care and thank you for your time.

I enjoy being a guest on stages, podcasts, programs, or in public art projects. Please ring +1 310 663 6630 or email to invite me. 

Work With Me

Your choices are:

  • Join at your favorite level and become a supporter on Patreon. $3+ per month.

  • 24-minute phone call: $100 (pay, then schedule yourself here). 24-minute sessions are 24 minutes, and may be extended during your call. Any portion of a 24-minute unit is $100, and can be paid after your session using the same payment link.

  • 24-hour Woke Up Knowing Experience: $1,500 (by phone). I'll reach out to schedule after you have paid.

  • Group Oracle Sessions vary in scope and availability. Click through to join an upcoming experience.

  • I am very rarely available for meeting facilitations and business development sessions, including curriculum development. Call me at the number at the bottom of this page if you have been personally referred by a client of mine.

  • Oracle-In-Residence (work over multiple days, for individuals and groups) are $3,000 per 24-hour period, plus first/business travel and all expenses. Let's talk to make a plan.

  • I begin my work for you at the moment you pay, therefore the fees are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Thank you for honoring my work with your commitment.

  • I have a sliding scale for social justice champions, marginalized humans, and am also happy to gift my work to folks who are in need of supportreach out to me directly, and we will make a plan.


My work is about finding a way to shifting away from the life-above-the-eyebrows intellectual approach to problem solving. Too often, we limit what we are capable of to what “works on paper.” Get beyond those traps and expand your capacity to discern your natural no and crystal clear YESses that affect your life, career and relationships.

Prior oracle sessions and residencies

I have dreamt for many individual clients, as well as done group work and appearances in:

  • Bainbridge Island for mysouldust’s Compassion Camp

  • Idyllwild, CA in collaboration with Idyllwild Community Acupuncture

  • The Grand Canyon on personal retreat and communion

  • Oaxaca, MX with Rocio Navarro and Cultu Emerge community

  • Wellington and Napier, New Zealand in collaboration with Yin Yoga

  • Los Angeles, CA (ongoing)

  • Sun dance with Medicine Butte prayer family in North Dakota

  • Toronto, Ontario

  • Molokai, Hawai'i with the wonderful Magically Rooted community

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Ojai, CA, in a yurt.

  • Boquete, Panama for a retreat of incredible humanitarians led by Lisa Fabrega.

  • Ojai, CA for the Picking Up the Pieces Retreat by Alana Burton Sheeren.

  • Southampton, NY, private retreat.

  • Newburyport, MA, private retreat

  • Walla Walla, WA, private retreat.

  • Spark! Reignite Your Fire Retreat, Santa Fe, NM.

Places I will dream + Collaborators I'll dream for

I am setting intentions here; the following are not clients who have currently or previously hired me.

  • Jenn Lamb art and dreams in nature collaboration

  • Huntington Library Orbit Pavilion

  • Color Outside, a remarkable movement to create safe places for women of color to come together and explore the outdoors

  • The Runaway Experience: an inclusive retreat for people of color

  • Hedgebrook, Women Authoring Change

  • Writing Residencies and Retreats like the Fever Dreams Collective

  • Artist Colonies and Assemblies like Space on Ryder Farm

  • Places of “Rest and Refreshment” for artists, like Yaddo

  • Reno, NV

  • Lake Tahoe, CA

  • Asheville, NC

  • Morocco

  • Amsterdam

  • Be part of a dream or alter-cognition study. (SCIENCE! May 2018!)

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Montreal, Québec

  • On a fjord

  • Ceremonies and Prayer Circles

  • Salem, MA

  • Melbourne, Australia

  • South Africa

  • A great desert, like Liwa Oasis, UAE

  • Animals, individual, a herd, or a pack

  • For a baby

  • Work with Björk, on a dream-to-VR experience project

  • Reggie Watts, on anything

  • In collaboration with Itshanapa